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Weaving Yarns

We have a nice selection of yarn for weavers. From cotton to wool to hemp and linen, we’ve got yarn to inspire your weaving. Many of our yarns can be purchased by the ounce, wound off the cone, so feel free to play with color to your heart’s content! All of our UKI Supreme cottons and Jaggerspun yarns can be purchased this way (as well as selected others). We do recommend winding off cones onto bobbins or spools rather than making a ball. We have bobbins and plastic and cardboard spools available for purchase. Clickhere for a sett chart that covers most of our yarns. Here’s an overview of what you can expect in the shop:


Swedish linen is well suited for clothing, draperies and table linens.
Chenille wound into 100 gm balls so you will feel free to play with color. It typically takes 2 to 3 balls to make an average-sized scarf.
Make yourself some really nice table linens and kitchen towels using this top-of-the-line cottolin from Sweden. We also carry Louet Cottolin.
Euroflax linen is from Belgium and is a bit larger in size than the Swedish linen. It also has a tiny bit more texture. Lovely for table linens and curtains.
This is a sample of Normandy linen from Henry’s Attic. It is just one of the options from their collection of (mostly) naturally colored coned yarns. We usually have their Newport Cotton, Prime Alpaca, Mohair, Cascade Silk and other yarns in stock. Weave them in their original colors or add your own before, during or after weaving.
Infinity is a 100% soy yarn from South West Trading Company. The soy yarns have nice drape and a tiny bit of tooth. We recommend weaving them at a bit looser sett than you would cotton of the same size. Lovely, lovely colors and many of them.
Jaggerspun yarns are made in America and have a good range of colors. Pictured is Zephry, their 50/50 merino/silk blend in 18/2 and 4/8 weights. We also stock their Maine Line, SuperLamb, Super Fine Merino, and Heather.
We recently started stocking mill ends. This is yarn that cannot be repeated, but the price is well below “repeatable” yarn. I wove the cotton/natural linen twist pictured into a set of placemats using a basket weave. They are lovely and there’s a sample in the shop. The slub yarn – like the multi-colored version pictured, is a wonderful addition to dish towels.  Put them in the warp to add textured stripes or add them to warp and weft to create a grid that grabs even more water. Our supply is constantly changing – stop and see what we have.
This yarn is milled in New Zealand for Anne Field and we are the USA stockists.  It is sold in 100 gm spools. It should not be dyed before weaving as this will release the twist in the yarn instead of in the fabric. For ideas for using the yarn, refer to Anne’s book Collapse Weave.
Truthfully, it is better for you to buy your rug warp from the US retail source, Great Northern Weaving. We stock it as a convenience. If you just need a tube or two, you can come to us and see the colors. If you are need 20 spools, you are better off getting it from Emma at GNW direct.
We stock Perle (mercerized) cotton in four different weights: 3/2, 5/2, 10/2 and 20/2. All can be purchased by the ounce. If purchased by the cone you automatically save 20%. The colors we have change. If we don’t have the color you’d like, we are happy to special order.
Unmercerized cotton is cotton that has not been polished. That makes it have a matte surface which diffracts the light reducing the intensity of colors as compared to mercerized cotton. Our standard weight is 8/2, but we have mill ends of 10/2 and 4/2 from time to time.
Xie is 100% rayon from bamboo. It is environmentally friendly (bamboo grows fast!) and it feels good. Like Infinity, it is from South West Trading Company and comes in many colors. The cones are small enough that you can affordably make a very colorful project.

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