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A Busman’s Holiday

I remember attending a class with Betty Forsythe, former owner of the Spinning Loft in Howell. We were taking a spinning class from Margaret Stove. When she introduced herself, she said she was taking a busman’s holiday. I.e.: taking a spinning class on her off time. I felt a bit like that yesterday as Pat Kreiling and I wound our way to SOAR (Spin Off Autumn Retreat) yesterday. Our goal was to hit as many yarn shops as possible between home and DuBois, PA. Well, the first three we tried in Cleveland were empty storefronts. Bummer. A sign of the times, I suppose. After that we learned to call first. In spite of losing that time, we managed to have enjoyable visits at two shops.

The first was also in Cleveland: Fine Points in the Lamphere neighborhood. It has a very inviting presence, don’t you think? Inside the shelves were bursting with yarn. There was more yarn upstairs as well as artsy clothing (yum!) and jewelry. The shop ladies were helpful and nice, but I had a hard time getting past the explosions of color coming from the well-stocked bins. I did, however, manage to hone in on a display of Habu yarns and got a small ball of silk to accompany some Noro I have in my stash that will one day be . . . something!

After visiting Fine Points we decided we’d better head for points east so we set Stella (she’s our GPS guide) for Grove City, PA. Wolf Creek Yarns turned out to be a very pleasant surprise for me. The owner, Terri, and I were talking and I felt a “familiarness,” but she’s the one that said, “Don’t I know you?” My thought immediately turned to TNNA and I remembered teaching her and her husband to spin two years ago. This past TNNA I felt really flattered when her husband sought me out to tell me that he had continued with his spinning and now had two wheels. We enjoyed a rather long visit – in spite of arriving near closing time.  VERY nice folks.

We met the shop dog, admired their small (well, compared to our space) but well organized and stocked shop, and drooled over scads of hand painted yarns. Even though I spend hours in the dye pot, I still lust after well designed yarns. I bought a skein of sock yarn for the sock knitter in my life (don’t tell mom!). Even on the computer screen, the colors are very appealing and calming. Here’s a couple more photos from Wolf Creek:

Outside WOlf Creek Yarn 

Today we have about four more hours to drive before arriving in the Poconos for SOAR. The drive through the rolling hills/mountains just beginning to be tinged with the colors of fall has been splendid. Once we get there, it will be niceto be immersed in the atmosphere of “everything fiber,” catch up with old friends and make new ones. Tomorrow I start a class on cut pile weaving with silk instructed by Sara Lamb and Pat has a color class with Vivian Hoxbro.


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  1. Joan, on the way back you should check out Autumn House Farm in Punxsutawney, Pa. There’s also a good alpaca farm near Hershey. (I’m orginally from Pa.)

    Have fun at SOAR.

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