A place to come to see what's new at Heritage Spinning & Weaving – Lake Orion, MI

These socks represent two very important things: the end of the second sock syndrome AND nearly eight years of mom knitting socks with patterned sock yarn. Both very important things!

When I went up north over Labor Day weekend mom was knitting these from the left overs of socks she has knit for family and friends since Heritage opened in 2000 (I have the leftovers from the socks she knit for display). Some of the first sock yarns we ever sold are represented – can you find the Regia? Also some of the first Opal and Step yarns. I see some that I recognize as leftovers from a pair I’ve seen my dad wear time and time again. These are warm fuzzy socks in more than one way!

How do they eliminate second sock syndrome? Well, imagine a whole drawer full of socks that don’t match . . . yet they do! Each one is different. But they still “belong” together. As I watched moms fingers speed through these I saw a glee about knitting up one section and seeing what would happen before digging in the bags for the next yarn. Now, mom has a mania about matching the stripes normally – this time she let go and it was like she was at the sock yarn playground! With fun knitting like this, the second sock is done before you know it!

Okay, so maybe you don’t want a whole drawerful of such bright, silly socks, but a handful would be fun. Actually, they remind me of something I would have worn back in my Navy days. I was stationed in a Naval Communications Station in Western Australia and because we were in a semi arrid area that was mostly sand, we were allowed to wear a boot that covered our ankles (remember chukka boots?) . . . which meant you could get away with private rebellion of the uniform some of the time (as long as you didn’t cross your legs!). My favorite socks then were lemon yellow. Some kids just don’t grow up!

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