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Pretty isn’t it? Even unblocked, you can see that it really has potential. You might even recognize it as The Fiber Trends pattern by Evelyn Clark, “Estonian Garden Wrap.” Unfortunately, I didn’t think before I set out on my wrap adventure. I didn’t do my math. I got caught up in the heat of the moment. I wanted to knit IT and I wanted to knit it NOW! So, there you see three evenings worth of work, 168 7-wrap nupps (Estonian bobbles) and about $20 of wasted yarn. Duuuhhhh! The problem is that the pattern calls for lace weight yarn and I wanted a warm shawl because our church tends to be a bit chilly and that is where I wear a shawl most often. So, I thought it would be cool in a DK weight yarn.

Note to self: think first, knit second.

So, what to do to rescue it? Nothing. The yarn is Jaggerspun Zephyr that comes on a cone. Gorgeous stuff. 50/50 Merino wool and silk, feels great, knits beautifully. Shows patterns well. Doesn’t match for beans between different dye lots. Not that I really though it would, but I hoped!

What next? Well, this is the project we are knitting at the Spring Fiber Retreat next week, so I need to get it going again. I suppose I need to block that SAMPLE and evaluate it critically. Then, get started again – using a color that we have two cones of!

Lessons learned: I love Addi lace needles for lace work. They made the nupps possible. I love working with this yarn and I’ll get started using it again. I’ll consider this a swatch and calculate my yarn requirements before getting going again (what if it took more than two cones??????).

2nd not to self: take your own advice. Get plenty of yarn before you embark on a project!

Comments on: "Do what I say, not what I do" (2)

  1. Two posts in one day? Be still my heart! Great pictures, loved seeing Mariah dance. The ice really fooled me, too, I thought it was clouds. Too bad about the shawl, but good for newbies to learn that even the Master goofs now and then. Maybe it would be a nice burp cloth for a grandbaby?

  2. It’s a *beautiful* swatch! It could be made into a tiny little “shrug” for either a tiny little granddaughter or a Teddy Bear.

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