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Fait accompli

Cat Sock DoneCat Sock Done

The sock is done. It sorta fits. At least the important part fits: the foot. That means the pattern is finally right. I didn’t, however, compensate enough for the twisted ribbing and the leg is more than a bit snug. It fits the sock blocker and since there never will be another one, that is good enough for me. Next step is to swatch for a pair using our standard handpainted Oxford II sock yarn and US size 1 needles. This pair will incorporate the lace pattern that I really wanted to do in the first place. I’ll keep you posted.

The class that all this sock discovery was for happened last Saturday. I had a dozen ladies tackle the techniques and terminology of the New Pathways book and then they spent the afternoon knitting the Baby Coriolis sock. It was a good class and everybody left exhausted! Amazing how tiring brain-work can be. I’ll be adding a class yet this spring to knit a full-sized sock from this book. Both classes will run again in the fall. It’s just too much fun – watch our newsletter and be sure to sign up!

If you didn’t catch it in our weekly newsletter, I have exciting news to share about Knit Michigan. It is official: this year we will be able to donate over $30,000 to Michigan cancer organizations as a result of our work. Visit www.knitmichigan.com to read more (okay – better wait until the end of March to visit – I don’t have the site updated yet!).

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