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Life in America

Sometimes pictures speak a thousand words. That’s Daryl Lancaster (www.weaversew.com), Mark my husband, and Mariah our 15 year-old – enjoying post dinner conversation! At least, in our defense, we did have a nice dinner together.

This little computer soiree ends up a weekend of classes for Daryl at the shop. Friday night we learned how to “warp faster.” I now better understand how to use a warping paddle – a very cool, underused tool. I know – until this weekend I had only sold one or two in all my years in business. I can’t wait to try it on a project I’ve got in mind and get warping faster. On Saturday and Sunday she taught her Garment Construction class. Folks came from as far away as Sault St. Marie, Ontario, and Antrim and Charlevoix counties up north.


I only got to peek in for one lecture about sizing patterns, but just that brief exposure had me thinking of getting out the sewing machine and playing around. I sewed for years – made many of my own clothes in high school, sewed for the kids, but haven’t really done much in years. So much to do, just too few hours in a day! Those that were able to enjoy the class all the way through learned about seams, buttonholes, trims and so much more. They were all inspired and tired! The photo on the left above is Daryl telling how to find the fit (close, loose, very loose, etc.) on the back of the pattern. On the right is a row of students getting tired at the end of the first day!

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