A place to come to see what's new at Heritage Spinning & Weaving – Lake Orion, MI

Enjoy the holidays!

With Hanukkah behind us, Christmas just around the corner and New Year’s not far behind, the staff at Heritage has been very busy – just like most crafters. Gifting socks, handwarmers, hats, and sweaters, there were many busy hands (and will be many lucky recipients). Here’s a photo of most of the crew when they paused yesterday for our annual holiday gathering. Apparently, someone sent out a memo about dressing in red!

Pictured standing from left to right: Joy, Annie, Christel, Deb, Jenny, Lisa, Chris, Anneliese, Sammie, Gina, Laura. Seated: Suzanne, Sharlene, Cindy, Barbara, Su and Ann. This isn’t everybody, but it is more than we have in one place at one time at any other Heritage event. It takes a lot of people to tend the Heritage community!

Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you have time to take a minute for yourself over the holidays. In the midst of all the busy-ness, we often tend too much to others, leaving ourselves ’til last. So, breathe. Work with some fiber without frantic-ness. Let the tension go out of your shoulders. And, above all, for those of you who are Christian, remember the reason for the season. Let your light shine under His.

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