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Anne Field Comes to Town

Anne Field is a New Zealand-based fiber person who is known around the world, thanks to books she’s authored including The Ashford Book of Spinning, The Ashford Book of Four Shaft Weaving, and Spinning Wool Beyond the Basics. Coming in the spring are two new books, one for weavers called Collapse Weave and one for knitters and weavers on Devoré (a technique where a portion of a fabric is chemically “burned” away). Beyond all the book writing and research, Anne is a wonderful spinner, production weaver and, more importantly, a good friend. It is always a pleasure to have her here.

Anne’s coming coincided with Halloween and a party at our house. What a hoot! The kids had a noisy good time, but they were quite polite, no matter, I’m glad that’s over for another year! We took a photo of Anne with them as they don’t celebrate Halloween in New Zealand like they do here. She told the kids she’d show the photo to her grand kids and tell them that this was what American teens really look like! That’s my daughter with the pink pigtails.

This morning it was off to work for Anne. No more sitting around visiting around the table at the shop or relaxing in a comfy chair with a good book. Her first two-day class is Spinning Wool Beyond the Basics and the second class this weekend is in Collapse Weave. Here she’s getting warmed up:


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