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When I was supposed to be ( _________ )

Do you have projects that just scream at you, “It’s time to finish me! Please, play with me. Come, have fun!”? I think my problem is I have too many of them. Yesterday I was captured by three of them. Two weaving, one spinning. I think that’s too much for one day!!!!

I did, however, have a learning-filled day! The first project was the bamboo baby blanket I’ve got on the Octado. As you can see from the image, I’ve got some work to do on my consistency. The problem arose when I decided the selvedges were drawing in too much and I should use a temple. Well, maybe I shouldn’t. Or, perhaps I just need to practice more. I’ll work on it more this evening and see what I come up with! My guess is that the fiber is so slippery that it will all come out “in the wash.” Worst case is, Luke has a baby blanket. Best case is I can send the sample off for a friend and she’s going to kit it. Troubleshooting will continue!

The next project up was a deflected doubleweave (sort of) scarf I have been noodling over for a very long time. It started when a student brought a sample scarf that that she bought in China in to show me. Then I found a similar scarf at Convergence. Now I am trying to figure out how to make it for myself. The structure simply fascinates me. It was fun reverse engineering and making it fit the loom I have. The sample is over fulled because I got sidetracked reteaching a young man to knit a scarf for his (grounded) girlfriend. He’s off and knitting, but my swatch suffered. I also decided that I will stick with a one color scarf.  Now I’m ready to weave “for real.” Fun stuff!


Then I went home and some handspun called me to it. I’ve been working on these spinner’s socks for a while. They are to be totally whimsical. This one is coming along – hopefully they’ll be done soon. I’m having too much fun with them to stop!

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