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Knitting Detroit Together

Stitch N Pitch Detroit, sponsored by TNNA, was a resounding hit with over 800 stitchers and their families in attendance. The day started with a tiny bit of rain and quickly turned into a gorgeous end-of-summer-day. Of course, it ended with the Tiger’s losing 14 – 7 against the Mariner’s, but we still had a very nice day. Here are a few photos from the event. 

Two Heritage friends share a game, a knit and a beer.

My daughter celebrated her 15th birthday at the game with four friends. Mariah is actually knitting a scarf from some of the yarn in the wonderful goodie bags. Check out http://forums.detnews.com/craftblog/index.cfm for a great photo of Mariah and her three friends and read more about the day from a reporter’s point of view.

One of the behind-the-scenes things that happened because of this event was that many different yarn shops worked together to make things happen for this day. Committee meetings for our SnP event started months ago. It was fun to get to know staffers and owners from other local yarn shops. Here I am pictured with Dhurat and Kristine from Skeins on Main. And, another bit of event trivia: the t-shirts were designed by yours truly.

As I was sitting and spinning and talking to passers-by, it crossed my mind that I could potentially to be the first person to ever spin on a wheel inside the park. How cool is that?!

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