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She did it!


Sally came in yesterday to put the finishing touches on her Fair Isle sweater. The pattern is from Ann Feitelson, The Art of Fair Isle Knitting. Sally started her Fair Isle odyssey in last fall’s Focus on Fair Isle class and is the first of the group to finish. This hasn’t been blocked yet, so it will look even nicer once that is done. The biggest thing that Sally learned is that she became a much better FI knitter as the project progressed. Her tension evened out and is now just about perfect. She knit the sweater over a 3 month time period whilst knitting several other “quickie” projects.


Inspired? Sign up for the next Focus on Fair Isle class that starts in the fall.

Comments on: "She did it!" (5)

  1. Sally-
    This is beautiful! You are an inspiration and should be very proud!

  2. I don’t knit stranded. I don’t knit stranded. I’m sure if I repeat the mantra, beautiful items like Sally’s sweater will not sway me. lol. (yeah right, who am I kidding?) It’s gorgeous. She did a fabulous job knitting it and the color palette is to die for.

  3. Ana Ouzounian said:

    I’m impressed. The sweater, or should I say the jumper, is beautiful.

  4. What a lovely sweater. Such an accomplishment, you can wear it with pride. Knit on…..

  5. rosebel said:

    I’ve just bought Ann’s book – I commend your work, simply stunning – you should be very proud of yourself!

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