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Pssssst! Pass it on.



Welcome new knitters Ellie and Taylor. In the picture above they are sporting their new knitted and felted bags with twisted cords that they finished this past weekend. Talk about two proud girls! They had a great time learning to bind off, make cord and then finish the bags . . . and giggling! Sunday was a busy day with four classes going at one time, so the girls had their class in my office – it was a pleasure to hear their cheery voices and their enthusiasm. While Laura was busy with Ellie and Taylor, Christel went from a beaded scarf class to a private lesson with another young knitter. Yael is the same age as Ellie and Taylor and has a very active fiber mom. Problem is, sometimes kids don’t like to learn from their mom (which my mother can confirm!), so we get the priviledge. Yael returned to us for a learn to purl lesson – and, since she knits continental, it was a natural fit to have Christel take her to this step. Yael’s next goal is to learn to spin on the wheel (she says she doesn’t like the drop spindle at all).



And, in the big classroom, was the two day class with Beth Brown-Reinsel, author of Knitted Gansey’s, Traditional Construction Techniques for Ganseys. Beth is an incredible teacher and one of those rare gifted individuals that actually makes her living from knitting. This small but enthusiastic group really enjoyed “dissecting” a gansey technique by technique and knitting their own teddy-bear sized gansey. Pictured here is Beth (blue sweater) and most of the group hard at work (you can tell because the table is so messy!).


The bottom line is this . . . you, too, can pass on your fiber skills. Have a spare wheel or loom? Loan it to a friend and get them started. Know a neighborhood kid – boy or girl? Invite them in and teach them how to knit. Share the pleasure, perpetuate the art. Through teaching, we learn more. Not only will you be passing it on, you’ll also become a better spinner, knitter or weaver.

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