A place to come to see what's new at Heritage Spinning & Weaving – Lake Orion, MI

And the winner is . . .

The other window!     Window at night 

It’s official, we won the window decorating contest in the Village. Heather and Jenny really did do an awesome job. I took a photo of each of the windows at night and have included them here so you can see them better than in my earlier post. Unfortunately, some of the details aren’t visible . . . next time you stop by, check out the little train in the west window.

Friday evening, as Jae commented, was our Annual Show & Tell. It really is fun to see how much people have accomplished in the last year. The winner in that category was definitely Jill Bastian. She made knit gifts for each of her staff members and inspired us with her creativity. Socks seemed to take first place for what was being knit. The award for most colorful went to Maureen for her lace patterned sweater made from our hand dyed SoySilk. It was very cool and the SoySilk feels so good when knit – it’s a year around weight, especially for those who run “hot” and don’t like to wear pullover wool sweaters inside. Of course I forgot to take photos, but for those of us in attendance, it really was a fun night.

Today is work on “Knit Michigan” day. Check the newly updated website tomorrow at www.knitmichigan.com, mark your calendar for February 3, and then plan on coming. It’s going to be a very cool event with LOTS of Michigan “knitting celebrities” teaching.

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