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Dressed for the Holidays!

Wooly WindowPots

Deck the halls, errrr . . . windows! Jenny and Heather attacked the front windows with gusto yesterday. They were feeling the pressure from last year’s decorating standard set by Christel and Sharlene (we won the window decorating contest in the village). The windows are now full of sheep and mohair and winter woolies! They are dressed for today! Jenny snitched greens from “discrete” places in her yard to decorate our pots and, if you look closely at the photo, you can see them whipping in the wind! A very Winnie the Pooh day it is. Cold and blustery.

Inside we are getting ready for tonight’s annual “Show & Tell.” This is our 6th year doing it and it looks like it will be our best turnout yet! It’s a very special Girl’s Nite. Many bring special goodies (I know Pat has already made a cake) and we show off what we’ve done over the past year. Sometimes projects are still on the needles, sometimes it’s a skein of just-spun yarn, and sometimes they take your breath away! It’s always inspiring and a nice lead-in to the holidays.

Comments on: "Dressed for the Holidays!" (1)

  1. Yeah! You have a blog!

    I always love Girl’s Nite and last night was no exception. It also galvanized me to get cracking on the peacock shawl. Much tea drinking, paper crumpling and swatching has already commenced this morning. (Not necessarily in that order)

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